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Sufficient funding is the foundation for good quality, sustainable childcare. Making the effort to think consistently and creatively about fundraising opportunities is what can put your club on the road to long term success.

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This is BAND’s free guide to help you fund raise more effectively.
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1- Overview
2- A-Z of Fundraising
3- Budgets
4- Charitable Trust & Foundations
5- Corporate Donations
6- Funding Sources
7- How To Fundraise In Hard Times
8- How to write an Annual Report
9- How To Write An E-newsletter
10- Individual Giving
11- Local Authority Funding
12- Local Community Funding
13- Online Funding
14- Running Local Events
15- The Big Lottery
16- Using Social Media
17- Volunteering & Fundraising
18- Writing An Application
19- Writing Effective Fundraising Letters

Think creatively about Funding

The parents of children attending your setting and government funding agencies are certainly worthwhile Compass & mapfunding sources to explore, but just as valid and lucrative are local opportunities for funding. Some examples include:

  • Fundraising from local businesses;
  • Charitable trusts and foundations;
  • Community trusts and foundations;
  • Local fundraising events and projects
  • Individual giving.

In fundraising, resourcefulness and imagination matter just as much as good business sense. These pages are designed to help childcare settings and youth organisations access various funding streams and explore new fundraising ideas.

The most important thing to remember when raising funds is to plan ahead. There are very few ways of raising substantial funding in a short space of time, so organise yourselves, allocate funders and plan ahead.



A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are fundraising for charity, a club, a school, a church, a PTA, a sports club, college, or any other local organisation or good cause, you are sure to find some…

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Many funders will request a copy of a budget or some form of financial document or statement as part of their grant-making process. This request can either be a copy of the…

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Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Grant making trusts are established to donate grants for charitable purposes – they can be extremely diverse in their visions, purposes, aims, activities, assets, structures and procedures. Grant-making trusts have a greater…

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How to Fundraise in Tough Times

Fundraising is an important core income stream especially in times of recession. So what elements of your cause’s business should you continue to find
funding for and where should you be looking for those all important funding streams?

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How to Write an Annual Report

Even though nonprofit organisations aren’t required to produce an Annual Report like publicly traded companies are, most nonprofit managers recognise the value of producing one. An Annual Report can help you demonstrate your accomplishments to current and future donors, cultivate new partnerships, and recognise important people.

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How to Write an E-Newsletter

A good e-newsletter can be an invaluable tool in communicating with parents, families and other clubs. Things you’ll need: Email marketing software A database of emails A website or blog Choose a…

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Individual and Small-scale Giving

This section provides ideas and information based on raising funds from individual donations. It is estimated that individuals donate around £9.5 billion to charity annually, around 1/3 of fundraising charities’ income. Let’s…

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Local Authority Funding

Responsibility for different provisions will fall under different departments at different authorities! You need to know which department to apply to as different departments have different addresses. Some local authorities produce explanatory…

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Local Community Foundations

Community Foundations are charities located across the UK dedicated to strengthening local communities, creating opportunities and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion. They target grants that make a genuine difference to the…

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Online Fundraising

This guide shows how you can use the internet to achieve your fundraising goals, including: improving fundraising skills; searching for news and information about funding; carrying out research to support funding applications;…

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Running Local Events

Events are an ideal way of bringing together potential funding and showing local people how your out of school club / school or playscheme is an asset to the community. Many clubs…

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The Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest distributor of Lottery money to good causes. They are committed to bringing real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need. The…

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Using Social Media

If your organisation wants to start using social media to support your work, then you may be worrying that you’ve no time to start doing this new task on top of everything…

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Using Volunteers

What sort of volunteers do you need? Think carefully about what kind of volunteers are needed. Where do you need them? What kind of skills and experience would be most beneficial? Will…

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