Whether you are fundraising for charity, a club, a school, a church, a PTA, a sports club, college, or any other local organisation or good cause, you are
sure to find some ideas here that catch your interest.

Try to think of a mixture of events so that you’re targeting the general public as well as those who use your group.


All day event –
try to arrange an all-day sponsored fundraising event like a dance marathon or sponsored silence. Have other ‘smaller’ things going on for spectators (e.g.
raffle) and something big at the end and local press.

Art with a heart
– use pupils’ artwork and turn it into fundraising products for parents to purchase (e.g. tea towels or xmas cards)

Art Attack
– run an arty competition for pupils to create artwork based around a fun theme

After school party

– Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as ‘servants for
the day’! Remember to ask local businesses, celebrities, MP’s etc. for donations.


Bring and buy sale

Book sale

Battle of the bands
– Great fun for everyone. Ask older children / young people to lead on organising the event

– try to get volunteers involved to lower your costs and ask other organisations to help e.g you might be able to borrow bingo equipment from your local
social club etc.


Bad hair day –
Hold a bad hair day event and collect a donation from everyone that takes part.

Bag it up –
Simply ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers’ shopping and ask for a donation for your service. This is a great fundraising idea if you have
many young hands at your disposal whose time you do not need to cost out. For example it’s a perfect fundraising event for a scout or guide group, or a

Bad taste day –
Ask colleagues or friends to go to work in their worst tie or most bizarre clothes. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.

Baking day –
Ask someone to help you and your friends bake some cakes. Then hold a bake sale at your work, club or school.

Bike Ride
– organise a sponsored bike ride

Beat the goalie
Challenge your friends to a beat the goalie competition. Pay to play.


Carol singing

Car wash
– get the sponges out and get the whole group involved in washing parents’ and staffs’ cars. Perhaps best as a summer term activity.

Car Boot Sale –
Get together with friends and family and those using your group and clear out unwanted items from your garage, cupboards or loft, then sell them at a car
boot sale.

Cheese and wine evening
– ask local companies to donate the cheese and wine.

Coffee Morning –
Get all friends together and have a coffee morning event.

– get the children to put on a concert

Cricket match


– sell tickets and encourage your children to get their dancing shoes on

and sell items depending on the time of year – calendars, Christmas cards, or Easter cards are all great ideas

Daring exploits –
Get staff / parents to take part in a parachute jump event or sponsored abseil encourage your friends and colleagues to take part.

Double the money –
seek matched donations from local businesses or suppliers.

Donate day’s wage –
Donate a day’s wage and encourage others to follow your example. You could designate a specific date of national or local importance.

Dress down day –
Organise a dress down day and collect a donation from all those that take part, and double that amount from those that don’t participate.


Easter egg hunt
– Hide chocolate treats around the setting and set hints and clues for children

Easter egg decorating
– ask children to paint and decorate eggs for parents to purchase

Eco day
– Dress green and do good deeds for the day, like litter picking and recycling your rubbish. Remember to get sponsored for all the activities you do.

Eating baked beans with a cocktail stick –
Challenge your friends to a baked bean eating competition – how many can you eat in a minute using only a cocktail stick?


Fancy dress
– ask all the children (and staff too) to dress up as their favourite character for a day and pay £1 for the privilege

Fun day
– take a few fun ideas from this list and run an all day event


Fashion show
– This might be something your older children might like to run themselves. Ask children to bring in old clothes to be recycled.

Fun run event –
Organise a sponsored fun run event. Requires energetic fit people but a lot of supervision.

Facebook –
Promote your event via Facebook, or any other social networking site. Invite friends, family and colleagues to your fundraising event. Facebook is a
fantastic tool for promoting fundraising events.

Football match

Face Painting
– good way to secure donations at a local event or fayre


Guess the number
– this could be everything from buttons in a jar to ping pong balls in a bucket – charge 20p, 50p or £1 to enter depending on the prize

Games day
– Let children bring in toys and games to play with on the last day of term and ask for a donation in return

Grow your Own –
Buy a packet of seeds, plant them and let them grow. Then sell off the plants, flowers, vegetables or fruit for a profit.


– party/fancy dress/quiz – anything ‘scary-themed’

Hula Hoop Contest
– How many times can you spin the hula-hoop? Organise a hula hoop-athon. Don’t forget to get sponsored by the spin, or the length of time you keep the hoop

Hair beading, braiding and plaiting
– Put your creative talents to good use. Make your friends look cool and raise money at the same time.

– Organise a Hopscotch contest in the playground, and challenge your friends. Pay to play.


Ice Skating

Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ice skating ring without falling over or needing support.

Indoor games
– Organise an indoor Olympics. Rain won’t stop play and you’ll have fun challenging your friends and raising money for us too.


Jumble sale
– Ask children to bring in one toy, book or item each and hold a jumble sale. You could also hold a cake sale at the same time to raise even more.

– Ask each child to bring in their favourite joke and a £1 or £2 donation and hold a class or assembly dedicate to joke telling.

Justgiving –
Set up a Justgiving page. Email everyone you know to publicise your event and ask them to support you by donating via your fundraising page. Great
opportunity to bolster funds from any fundraising event ideas on this page. Justgiving take care of the financial side too by facilitating tax deductions
for donations from HMRC and administering the financial transactions. They charge a fee of just 5% (after credit card charges).

Jewellery making/selling
– Put your creative jewellery making skills to good use and hold a sale with what you make. Share your skills with others and teach your friends how to
make that perfect accessory.

Jigsaw marathon
– Have you got an eye for a jigsaw? Challenge your friends to a speed jigsaw puzzle race. Get your friends and family to sponsor you too.


Karaoke Night


Lunch Money –
Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.

Lunchtime Quiz

Stimulate the mind before heading back for the afternoon slog. Get teams together and charge to take part.

Litter picking
– Get yourselves sponsored on a mass litter pick afternoon and look after the local environment too.


Mufti day
– tried, tested, and loved by pupils everywhere! Ask children to pay a set donation (£1 or £2 each) to wear their own clothes to school

Music show/concert/practice
– This could be an existing concert, asking musical children to play in a gig or getting sponsored to practice their musical instruments.

Match pet to owner competition

Ask your colleagues to bring in one photo of themselves and one of their pet. Charge a fee to try and match up the photographs.


Non uniform day

Nominate a Staff member –
to have their legs, beard or head shaved. Challenge a teacher / youth leader to have a shave or wax for a good cause. Remember to get sponsored too, or
charge people a fee to watch it happen.

Nature trail
– Organise a nature trail, learn about your local flora and fauna and raise money too.

Nearly new sale
– Outgrown those jeans? Only worn something once? Why not sell or swap your unwanted things with your friends? Pay £2 for each item you take.

Name the teddy
– Does your mascot need a name? Charge your mates to come up with the most interesting suggestion. You could raffle the teddy at the end too.

Netball tournament
– Challenge your friends, teachers or parish to a netball tournament. To add an air of interest, why not play your matches in fancy dress too? Remember
it’s pay to play.


Olympics themed fun day
– get excited about the Olympics all over again by holding your own version – you could even split pupils into teams and give them names of countries

Obstacle course
– Have fun with an obstacle course and get sponsored too.

Odd clothes day
– Turn your non-uniform day into an odd clothes day – mix up those socks and clash for cash.

Odd job Day
– Charge a fee for all those odd jobs around the house that need doing.



Pyjama day
– Ideal for nurseries and younger children but fun for everyone, ask pupils to come to school in their favourite pyjamas with a donation in hand

Poets corner
– run a writing competition for all of those budding poets in you setting

Publicity –
Send a press release to all your local papers describing your event, your good cause and asking for sponsorship from companies and individuals.

Photography competition –
Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and charge to ‘guess the baby’.


– This works well run by staff for children, by older children for younger groups, or even young people setting quizzes for parents or staff after school.
Source prizes from local business and get quizzing.

Quiet in the Club – sponsored silence –
Remain quiet for a few hours, or even a whole day. Remember to get sponsored too!


– Exactly what it says on the tin – you could source prizes from local businesses and/or parents and sell tickets

is a sponsored reading event encouraging children to read for pleasure

– recycle textiles (see www.bag2school.com/) or look into recycling ink cartridges or stamps

– Hold a collection at a match

Rounder’s tournament

Recipe swap



Smartie Tube fundraiser
– give out tubes of smarties to children and ask them to bring the tube back full of money!

– walk, swim, run, sing, dance, skip, or sit in a bath of beans – and ask for sponsorship while doing so. If the children are small – get them to do a
combined event.

Sports day
– Tie in your fundraiser with an existing sports day to make it as easy as possible.

Sponge throw!
– Ask children to donate in return for getting to launch soapy sponges at you and your fellow staff. Best done on a sunny day!

Swap shop



Talent contest
– Do you have a child who thinks she’s the next Kylie, or thinks he should be in Diversity (a dance group)? Hold a talent contest for them to showcase
their skills! You could make it TV show style by nominating judges to pick the winners.

Treasure hunt
– Put together a treasure hunt, split pupils into pairs or teams and let the detective work begin! Ask a local business to donate a prize for the winning
pair/team, and set a suggested donation amount for entering

Theme days/nights –
Jazz up the winter months and hold a themed event.


University Challenge –
Organise teams and hold a challenge to see which team comes top.

day for staff.


Variety show
– You know that your children are talented, so why not let them share that with the world? This is a fun way to build children’s confidence while raising
funds at the same time. Invite parents and friends to attend. Sell refreshments.



Wear a wig day
– encourage the children to make and wear wigs, this could be themed with historical events or culturally based.



singing competition

card recycling


– get your children involved in a fun keep fit class


Zoo quiz –
Organise a zoo quiz

Zombie party –
Organise a zombie party and charge your setting an entrance fee.

– Hold a sponsored sleepover. To make this event even bigger you could join up with other settings and hold one big sleepover



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