Responsibility for different provisions will fall under different departments at different authorities! You need to know which department to apply to as different departments have different addresses. Some local authorities produce explanatory leaflets to help direct you or put up-to-date information on their website. These are your starting points.

When applying to local authorities, remember that budgets are planned well in advance. Each local authority will have its own criteria, but as a rule you will need to have a strong case for funding. You will need to show that you provide a valuable service to your local community and clearly demonstrate why you require funding, the amount, and how it will be used. Support your financial request with statistics; demonstrate the need for your project and the benefits it will have.

Remember! Get as much information as you can about the department that you are going to apply to. Find out what they do, what they are planning and see how your organisation fits in with and compliments their future plans. And don’t forget – its good to make friends and champions out of your supporters. This can be especially important when seeking grant aid from local authorities.  As democratic accountable bodies, it is worth making your case to local councillors. They may be able to help signpost you to funding ‘pots’.

Bristol City Council does not currently have any ‘open’ funds that settings can apply to. There are various pots of one-off funding that come up from time to time, but no rolling programmes. As a rule, Bristol City Council will notify eligible Ofsted registered providers of these pots. If this is not applicable to you then we would suggest contacting Bristol City Council and/or EYCS and asking them for advice.

Some useful contacts are:

  • Bristol Children’s & Young People’s Services

  • Bristol City Council

  • Business Link from Government

  • European Structural and Investment Funds

  • European Regional Development Fund

  • Government Funding Streams

  • Local Authorities – Department for Education

  • Quartet Community Foundation

  • West of England Local Enterprise Partnership


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