Q1:If you received support from BAND to start up or expand your childcare setting how would you rate the service?

See What Our Members said...
  • BAND have been a fantastic support to our club providing information & training.
  • Very useful to be able to have questions answered about the requirements upon our club when increasing numbers at our sessions.
  • We had lots of support when setting up ●●●●, advice and guidance over the phone and in person.
  • I’m so grateful to BAND for all their assistance.
  • It was really useful to be able to call ●●●● to ask questions and how she would research or be able to give answers straight away.
  • We moved up to 30 hours per week in Sept 16, ●●●● provided great advice and assistance. She is often out first port of call when we have any issues.
  • I have received outstanding support from ●●●●, especially when I went from a  committee run pre-school to a limited company.
  • The team at Band have been amazing in helping to start ●●●●. They have offered so much help and advice, from policies and procedures to finance, to funding and dbs. They are always so friendly and helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble!
  • BAND support staff are always on hand to help and have helped us achieve 3 consecutive ‘Outstandings’. We would not have attained this without their help.
  • The support and training BAND have provided have been instrumental in me setting up my service, I am extremely grateful.
  • Always there for advice when you need it 🙂
  • I have once received some advice on how to manage some summer nannying for some families. Talking to ●●●● was very helpful as she helped me understanding the legal requirements I had to go through as well as clarified what possibilities I had in my situation. Thank you very much
  • The team are great, even if they are unsure of any info needed they will always get back to me – thank you.

Getting started

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Q2: If you received advice/ assistance from BANDs Development & Support team, how would you rate the service?

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  • Had an unusual situation which was dealt with sensitively and professionally by BAND who provided thorough information and follow up support
  • I don’t know how any club could run successfully without the guidance and exceptional support of a Band support person. Our support person is ●●●● and her knowledge and understanding of Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs has been invaluable. Since becoming Play Leader of our Club ●●●● has helped me get my paper work in order. She comes in to meet with me regularly to go through any concerns and issues that I need support with. And I know that if I have any queries that I can, ring, email or arrange to meet.
  • The committee have received prompt and helpful support.
  • It is so reassuring knowing that we have somebody knowledgeable at the end of the phone. ●●●● has always been prompt at replying to any queries and if she is unsure about our question then she is always efficient at finding out how to help us.
  • I am always impressed with the advice and support that our Breakfast and After School Club receives from BAND. The BAND staff team make a valuable contribution to our Club’s ability to provide a professional and quality service. In addition to the excellent advice and support offered, the friendly nature of the BAND staff help make working with BAND a good experience
  • So helpful and thorough.
  • ●●●● has been a real help to us throughout the last year.
  • Always helpful and good to know support is at hand if needed.
  • We received a high level of crucial support and advice around Ofsted visit and funding bids.
  • I have always received above and beyond service from BAND
  • Excellent, knowledgeable support worker. Always willing to come and help eg. pre-Ofsted. Very helpful advice given.
  • As above really the team are very knowledgeable and have always been so supportive and kind to us! They have a wealth of knowledge on everything early years related and we can’t fault them in any way!
  • We are always confident to work on and make decisions from information attained from BAND.
  • Our support is always available with advice and support , and it has been brilliant for the
    group to know she is there when needed
  • BAND staff members offer very clear relevant information and respond quickly to queries.
  • ●●●● is amazing. She is always there when we need her. She always answers our endless questions and provides excellent information and resources. She is extremely valuable at our trustee meetings. I don’t know what I would do without ●●●● at my support and supervisions also. Thank you.
  • We had a pre-ofsted check which was really useful and informative and greatly helped our setting to achieve outstanding,
  • Always really helpful, and will make sure we get the help needed.
  • Following our OFSTED we had great support from our BAND support worker to put in a complaint about the conduct of our inspector. She has also been extremely helpful in answering many of our questions throughout the year.
  • ●●●● is great. She offers helpful, practical advice, and is always quick to get back to us. We feel she knows us well and has a good understanding of us as a setting. ●●●● has also really helped us with advice regarding our disabled children provision. I feel she has a good understanding of the needs of our disabled children, and the practicalities of our setting. My experience of all the development workers has been great.
  • Our development and support worker is amazing! She is always at the end of the phone when we need help and advice. She has always gone above and beyond to support us during some difficult times and we cannot thank her enough for this.
  • Always great assistance
  • ●●●● is invaluable! Always so supportive, helpful and our go to woman when we need advice and or support. Thank you so much ●●●●. X

Development & Support

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Q3:If staff / managers attended BAND training courses, how did they rate this training?

See What Our Members said...
  • The recent Action in Practice course was excellent and covered some of the areas  that we needed clear advise about as a setting. More of these type of courses would be great. Short but to the point on putting things into practice in the setting. First Aid courses are very good.
  • BAND offer a wide range of training I have always found BAND Training to be useful and informative. The courses have helped all staff expand their knowledge of working within play work and have helped support good working practice.
  • Always very good feedback from all staff members. I went on the Fire warden training, it was very hands on which was great.
  • All of the courses that I have attended have been excellent. I have been impressed by the level of knowledge and the commitment of those delivering the training.
  • I did not attend personally, but have always had good feedback.
  • The courses vary, they are all beneficial and enriching, some could do with more time for discussion.
  • Very good courses – we have sent staff on lots of training already and staff feedback is always really good.
  • The content is always very current and relevant to our profession. We also appreciate the fact that lots are funded by Bristol City Council so we only need to carry the burden of paying for staff cover if relevant. It is essential that we have access to courses like, First Aid, Child Protection, Fire Warden, Managing Medicines etc… at reasonable costs (or free) so that we are able to fully meet the welfare requirements as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We find it difficult and inconvenient to write cheques as a deposit. We are a large nursery accessing BAND’s training on a regular basis. It gets very confusing for our book keeping to keep on top of the cheque situation. I would propose that all settings booking sign a disclaimer to agree that if not attended without adequate notice, then a fee would be liable. I recognise that this would be extra manpower on BAND’s side, but hopefully it would not be many settings that would abuse this situation and therefore not take too much effort.
  • The training is geared to settings like ours, i.e. not for profit community settings. We are made to feel like there are no silly questions, and it’s always good to meet other people and share best practice. Also the fact that the training courses are free is a real help to us.
  • There was some feedback about the ●●●● course on ●●●●. It was felt that the course leader was not as succinct as he could have been and that the course content could have probably have been completed/covered in one day.
  • Informative, detailed and supportive
  • We utilize BAND training as much as possible as always find them informative and well presented.
  • All training has been exceptional.
  • Always come away from a training course with lots of helpful information and advice
  • mostly very good but had issues with ●●●● trainer ●●●● and have contacted separately about this at the time.
  • For the Safer Recruitment and Action in practice.
  • A really nice training environment. Trainers are friendly and knowledgeable. The evaluation form opportunity allows learners to offer more detailed feedback to the individual training session.
  • Excellent training. Very useful and relevant. Great training leaders. The only thing that would be nice would be getting more than 2 people on at once. We have 25 staff so it takes a while to get everyone trained. But I understand why there can only be 2 per setting.
  • They are always very relevant to our practice as a PVI setting and give lots of practical ideas as to how to improve our service and practice.
  • We are grateful to BAND for providing excellent training. BAND was recommended to us and has been the answer to our search for good training courses for our staff. Thank you.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to get a place on BAND courses as they get booked up very quickly. On the most recent course I attended there was a lot of reading through power point slides – a different style of delivery may have made the course more interesting.
  • Feedback from the courses attended has always been positive. Staff always come back talking about how much they learnt, and they are always keen to put their knowledge into practise. We had some issues with a member of staff on the Level 2, and ●●●● offered us lots of support. For the member of staff (and us) there was a really positive outcome, and I feel very indebted to ●●●●. It’s not a course I attended, but a member of staff who attended the domestic abuse training said she would have liked an increased focus on supporting a child living with domestic abuse at  home. We would also love it if you could arrange positive handling training.
  • All training provided by BAND is excellent. The courses are well planned and always have helpful handouts.
  • I attended the first aid training run by BAND and found it very good.
  • Staff were impressed by the training received (Paediatric First Aid; Food Hygiene)
  • Fabulous delivery of workshops and training.
  • Knowledgeable course instructors. The only thing is that it’s really difficult to get on essential training such as paed first aid, CP and fire warden training. We need these to run more regularly or for bigger groups please. Multi-Agency CP would also be really helpful if that could be hosted at BAND.


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Q4: In your opinion is BAND news?

See What Our Members said...
  • Important to keep up to date.
  • We enjoy reading this when it is distributed and we like the fact that we contribute on occasion. We also appreciate the fact that it is now emailed . We find the Upcoming Festivals section very useful to keep us on our toes.
  • Very informative, all staff enjoy reading and sharing ideas in the staff room.
  • Lots of interesting items, keeps us up to date on changes
  • I receive BAND news via email and I have used many of their reports to enhance the running of our provision especially regarding safeguarding issues.
  • Band news is a useful means of keeping up to date with changes in the childcare sector, and always has lots of good ideas for activities and outings to do with the group
  • Very informative and interesting. We enjoy submitting to the newsletter also.
  • It keeps us up to date with current issues, which is invaluable as it is so time consuming trying to keep up with changes.
  • Not something I really look at as not relevant to much of what we do.
  • We don’t really have time to read thoroughly.
  • Sometimes I wish things were published earlier! Like ideas for the summer holidays are published after our programmes are finalised. Would be great if things like this could be published in the preceding newsletter. I always read the newsletter cover to cover, and find it both informative and interesting. I like being kept up to date with legislation, and seeing examples of great play practise.
  • Always an interesting mix of news and advice. It is also packed with funding information and useful tips.
  • Reading the newsletter is, for me, a fab way to keep up with the Early Years changes in legislations, to see what happen around other settings and what could be useful  or interesting to know.

BAND Newsletter

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Q5: If your setting received funding and / or fundraising support from BAND, do you feel this was ?

See What Our Members said...
  • We have been very grateful for the BAND funding that we have received for inclusion. The recent cuts in available funding from BAND has, however, impacted on our ability to provide additional 1:1 support.
  • We received some funding for additional staff for disabled children and assistance with bids.
  • Our committee know they can ask for advice from BAND regarding fundraising. In our first year BAND supported the setting with a grant to ensure our sustainability. They also helped with funding when we were locked out from our banking 2 years ago.
  • The funding we received enabled 11 disabled children to access our provision over the last 12 months. Without this money we simply would not have been able to provide these children with the support the required. We are incredibly grateful.
  • Good links and advice when required
  • As a private organisation it’s a real shame that we don’t receive funding. We don’t actually make any significant money!



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Q6:Do you feel the book and equipment loan service is?

See What Our Members said...
  • It is great that you can hire equipment, but it would be good to have some new up to date games.
  • Not sure if used by our staff.
  • We have never felt the need to utilise this service. However, if BAND purchased an item/book that was harder to get or newly published or very expensive to purchase ourselves, then we would be interested in doing so.
  • We need to reflect on this and use this service as I have heard very good feedback.
  • I am quite new to the playscheme committee and wasn’t aware of this service.
  • We have borrowed books and equipment. We recently had the sensory equipment for a weeks loan and our children loved it so much we are looking to buy our own!

Loan Equipment and Library

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Q7:Full Members with BAND insurance only. Do you feel the insurance service is?

Q8:Full & Affiliate members & Childminders running DBS checks through BAND only. Do you consider the DBS check service to be?

See What Our Members said...
  • Could there be a reminder service – we recently forgot to renew a DBS that was not on the update service – perhaps BAND could keep a record and providers advise any practitioners not on update service?
  • Great to be able to have this resource to negotiate this often difficult process. Thank you
  • All went smoothly and hey helped me fill it in.
  • Quick and efficient
  • Very useful, was one of the (several) reasons we joined BAND.
  • It’s reassuring to know that the information is checked before its sent off
  •  ●●●● is always very helpful and answers any queries straight away. The service is very efficient.
  • Very helpful service – many thanks
  • Fast efficient service!

DBS checks

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Q9: Do you think the BAND website/social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,
Blogger, YouTube, Pinterest) is?

See What Our Members said...
  • Generally, we find this very good. However, social media could be improved to raise awareness and to reach out into the wider community. We have recently accessed a social media (Facebook) training course and we are happy to share any ideas with you. We like the jobs posted and we have had a good response to this in the past. It would be even better if these could reach a wider audience.
  • I need to start using this more often, it’s good to find out training available.
  • I have visited the website to check dates of courses in the past and can’t find them (I think if the course is already full the date isn’t published on website?) sometimes I have someone booked on the course and just need a reminder when it is!!
  • Lots of information; up-to-date and relevant.
  • Website is well laid out, but I have experienced a few broken links when looking at training.
  • I often use the website to look up current training and we use BAND to advertise for new staff.
  • Only look at website
  • Easy to navigate around the website.
  • BAND website has the information we need. Have not used the other forms of social  media.
  • Website could do with a face lift, some of the photos have been on the site for a very long time! Otherwise it’s full of information and easy to navigate.
  • Only use the website, not any of the social media (must be my age!)
  • Some improvements on the website have been noted but social media seems a little lacking.

Members’ general comments about BAND services…

  • Important service to PVI settings who can lack supportive networks or be unaware of new EY directives and guidance
  • Well done to all at BAND you do provide a very good service
  • We would like to acknowledge all your hard work in supporting our setting. Without your services on offer and personal knowledge of our area and setting, we would struggle to find such personalised support. You are great at what you do because you have been doing it for so long and really know the needs for the area. Bristol City Council have significantly reduced their support so we have found that we are using your services more than ever before. Safeguarding remains a real ongoing concern to ensure that we are catering for our children’s needs. The reduced support from BCC with safeguarding is frustrating.
  • Unfortunately, we had reason to require communications with the LADO. This proved to be a frustrating experience. However, BAND were able to support us really well and acted as an intermediary with the LADO which should not have been necessary but was certainly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!
  • Fantastic service, great support, it’s great to know BAND are always there when needed.
  • I would like to pass on my thanks to the amazing staff team at BAND.
  • Is there any way that we could leave a holding deposit of £50 with you to cover courses? Sending cheques back and forth is a bit of a pain!
  • Excellent value service which helps our playscheme succeed. Thank you.
  • ●●●● is an excellent and very supportive member of staff.
  • ●●●● after school club wants you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service that BAND provides. We sincerely appreciate your swift responsiveness to inquiries, how supported we feel sharing the huge responsibility that we have by working with children. Once again, thank you for all the hard work.
  • I feel BAND need to update their course booking facilities. Having to send cheques via post is very old fashioned and puts us off booking courses as before our cheques arrive they are all booked up. As a result we have not attended any courses this year which is frustrating. I also feel that better advice could have been given around funding rather than just re sending out the same information that we receive from Bristol City Council.
  • As a BAND member it is always good to receive early notice of training events, as these are very popular and fill up quickly.
  • Booking training would be a lot easier for settings if we could book online
  • BAND are an important and crucial part of our setting. We are dependent on them for legislation as well as personal support.
  • Thank you BAND! You have really been key in me being able to get set up and running and as far along with our project as we are. A huge thank you to everyone.
  • We have received a lot of support from band over the last year and it has been brilliant, at times it has felt like a life that has kept us a float in difficult times, thank- you.
  • BAND have always been helpful, supportive and professional. We very much value their input and are happy to be full members
  • BAND is a really useful resource and I don’t know how we would have managed without the continued support.
  • BAND are awesome thank you for a great year
  • The whole team are fantastic! We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system. especially during such harsh council cuts meaning there are less people on the Early Years team to support. We recently had a safeguarding issue where we needed support that very minute and BAND were the only people we would have even thought of to help us. If they had not been there I fear we would not have dealt with the situation so well.
  • Keep up the good work guys, you are all amazing and we would be lost without you!!
  • I wish there was a system for booking courses that did not involve cheques! It is the bane of my life getting cheques signed, and it’s such a chunk of work. I imagine it’s a lot of work your end too, I’m often being told my cheque is no good, it will be six months old before the course starts, or that it’s been re dated too many times. I’m sure it’s a lot of effort for someone to go through and check all these things. Could you not bill settings £50 for missing a course and if they don’t pay then don’t let them book again until the debt is cleared?
  • We are very happy with the service we use/get. ●●●● is always helpful when we need her help – thank you.
  • All the staff at BAND are excellent, always friendly and helpful. We would be lost without you all. THANK YOU, keep up the great work!
  • I love the work that BAND do. You are great. the only thing I could say it’s that maybe you could avoid sending paper based leaflets of trainings so to reduce paper waste. For the rest I think you are wonderful! Thank you for your brilliant work
  • Keep up the great work – thank you
  • The only issue I have is the different treatment we get to not-for profit organisations.
  • BAND are always very informative and supportive. The staff are really friendly and will go above and beyond to help or find an answer to questions.

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