Cooking in a Can: More Campfire Recipes for Kids


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White, Kate|White, Katherine L.

Cooking in a Can is the perfect activity book for kids who love to camp and cook! The newest book in our successful children’s activities series, Cooking in a Can follows Cooking on a Stick (now over 63,000 copies sold), and introduces dozens of techniques for cooking outside. Author Kate White shows kids the beauty of cooking over a campfire, with dozens of delicious and easy recipes like Hot Rock Chicken and Wilderness Wonder Chocolate Cake. From cooking in a can to cooking in a paper bag to cooking on a rock, this activity book produces scrumptious results that kids of all ages will enjoy. Search

Cooking On A Stick: Campfire Recipes for Kids


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White, Linda|Lee, Fran

Gives instructions for preparing two dozen foods while outdoors. Includes safety guidelines and basic campfire instructions. Search

Grow Organic, Eat Organic: for Budding Gardeners and Cooks to Learn to Value the Natural World: For Budding Gardeners and Cooks to Learn to Value the Natural World


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Morton, Lone|Ursell, Martin

A very special activity book with step-by-step guidance on growing vegetables, fruit and flowers in harmony with the natural world. Sections include sowing seeds, composting, recognising garden pests and garden friends and there area also delicious recipes to help you savour your own fresh food. Search

Hungry Kids Camp Fire Cookbook


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Graham, Deb

Yay! ­a camping trip makes great memories! Many will center around food, as both familiar and novel meals are produced like magic, without even a kitchen stove! Kids will be amazed at what they can make, and what adults pull together for them to enjoy. Simple foods can be good and fancy. There is no reason to sacrifice nutrition for good taste! Sure, kids will enjoy hot dogs and marshmallows while camping, but how about some Chicken Stir Fry or Really Fast Bean Burritos, too? The recipes in here are kid-friendly, but adults will find new favorites, too. Garlicky Shrimp with Asparagus Rafts and Fruit Kebabs are fancy enough to serve for company, not just at camp! Enjoy reading through this book, as inspiration strikes you. Snacks for those on-the-go days are here, along with a good helping of desserts. Rice Pudding, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Grilled Peaches… is your mouth watering yet? New cooking methods will make delicious memories, including breakfast in a zip-type bag, muffins in orange peels, fish in newspaper, and blueberry pie in foil. Did you notice that list included no pans to wash?! This book includes simple recipes and some fancy ones, all designed for good nutrition and great memories. Above all, make sure camp food is fun and plentiful—camping makes everybody hungry! Search