Grants do not usually exceed £3,000. They try to prioritise smaller charities where the  level of grant is comparatively significant. If a charity has been successful in receiving a grant, we would not normally donate to them again in less than thirty-six months.

What They Never Fund

  • Charities which do not have a United Kingdom Registered Charity Number
  • Non-humanitarian charities (with the single exception of The Ironbridge Gorge Museum)
  • Individuals – including gap year funding, travel overseas for charity work and medical treatment
  • Professionals representing individuals, unless they are applying from a registered charity
  • Charities with a turnover of more than one million pounds
  • Charities with disproportionately large reserves, unless there is an exceptional reason.  In such a case, we will require an explanation.
  • Animal welfare
  • Projects promoting religious proselytisation or partisan political activities
  • Charities mainly involved in research, whether medical or otherwise
  • Heritage
  • Museums (with the sole exception of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum)
  • United Kingdom hospices (as the Trustees already sponsor a hospice of their choice within the Southwest)


What They Have Funded in the Past

  • Charities addressing social, physical, or educational re-habilitation
  • Charities offering information, support, relief or equipment for illness or disability
  • Charities supporting those members of society who may be considered as isolated, vulnerable, at risk or disadvantaged
  • Charities supporting victims of torture or human rights abuses
  • Charities helping to support carers
  • Holidays for disadvantaged children
  • Youth clubs, especially in disadvantaged areas
  • Women’s refuges
  • Homeless shelters
  • Orphanages
  • Charities supplying micro-loans, or other business enterprises in the Developing World
  • Charities helping to provide access to medical care, food or water supplies in the Developing World



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