Types Of Membership

The Principles of BAND Ltd.
As a charity we ask all our members to agree to help support our core principles:

  • To promote the concept of neighbourhood based child-care, especially for those parents / carers who are lone, training, working, or on a low income.
  • To attract funds to assist new local settings to organise childcare and out of school provision in their area.
  • To publish information and provide advisory support to parents / carers and local groups, acting as a vehicle for the distribution and dissemination of information and resources.
  • To challenge discrimination in all areas of the work place, incorporating the practice of equal opportunities.

To accommodate the different types of childcare & playworkers we’ve created the 4 types of BAND membership:

  • Full Meet all of BAND’s Criteria
  • Affiliate Meet most of BAND’s criteria & based in Bristol
  • Associate Meet most of BAND’s criteria & not based in Bristol
  • Individual Bristol Based individuals & childminders

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