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…VE Day Hats…

D&S Worker Michelle’s family sports the celebratory headgear

Across towns and local communities, the main focus of events on VE Day were usually on children. They celebrated with street parties, parades, fancy dress, and sports days.

Decorations were made with whatever was to hand and newspaper party hats were a favourite.



How to make a newspaper party hat.

1. Take a large sheet of newspaper or paper and fold in half.
2. Fold down each side (from the folded edge) to make triangles that meet in the middle.
3. Fold the bottom front flap upwards and repeat on the other side.

Decorate your hat however you like using red and blue paint or stick on ribbons or other decorations.

Why not paint a V for victory on the front!

VE Day


VE Day Ribbon Rosette Favours

Lots of favours and souvenirs were created and sold on VE Day and these really easy to make ribbon rosette favours were very popular. You can make them out of strips of ribbon, material or paper.

Here’s what to do:

  • Take 4 strips of ribbon or paper. Bend each strip round and glue or staple, as if you were making a paper chain.
  • Layer each piece on top of each other forming a rosette and glue or staple in place.
  • Take 2 more lengths of ribbon or paper and cut a v shape at one end of each. Glue or staple these onto the back of the rosette (they form the tail).
  • Cut out a circle from another piece of ribbon, material or paper and attach this to the middle of the rosette. You could decorate the circle with a V for victory.

Wear as a badge or in your hair.

VE Day


There are lots more ideas like this one & loads of celebration resources in our free activities pack for VE day –⇓download it now!⇓:

VE Day 2020 – Celebration Ideas!