BAND Ltd. Membership.

BAND Ltd. is a registered charity, limited by guarantee, who since 1978 have supported childcare groups in Bristol.

We are a membership association, and our members have a say in the way that we’re run, shaping our priorities and helping define our focus.

We currently we provide services to more than 180 independent member groups. Those groups in turn support up to 10,000 families in Bristol.

BAND’s staff have the experience to assist childcare groups and practitioners at every stage of their development. Our members benefit from our long established programmes providing support, resources, information, training and guidance – together with our members we work to promote & nurture excellent childcare throughout the city.

We’ve developed our services and membership structure to meet the different needs of childcare professionals. The way BAND is funded means that we target our highest levels of assistance on groups who are voluntarily run; but we are here to support each & every part of the childcare community.

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