What is The Bristol Standard?

Originally developed by Bristol City Council in 1996, The Bristol Standard is a self evaluation framework that supports all settings to develop and improve the quality and effectiveness of their provision through an annual cycle of reflection using a ‘whole-team’ approach.

In 2001 The Bristol Standard for Play was commissioned to complement the earlier Standard for 0 – 5’s. This supported Children and Playworkers in working together to reflect on their practice and to improve play outcomes for all children and their families.

The Bristol Standard has been designed to support the process of continuous quality improvement which is a journey, not a destination. It is organised into ten dimensions so that settings can evaluate one area at a time in a manageable way. A reflective portfolio is submitted annually to a Validation Panel. Involvement in the Bristol Standard demonstrates a setting’s commitment to reflection, self-evaluation and improving on their previous best.

The Bristol Standard Purposes:

These purposes have been mapped to the 12 Quality Improvement Principles developed by the National Quality Improvement Network.

The purpose of the Bristol_Standard is to:

  • Establish a clear understanding of vision, values, principles and practice
  • Achieve high quality provision for all children in a culture of inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice.
  • Enable teams to work together, have a voice and learn from each other.
  • Celebrate current good practice and develop the quality and effectiveness of provision through a continuous process of reflection.
  • Enable settings to develop and improve the quality and effectiveness of their practice.
  • Support the development of genuine partnerships with children’s families or carers, other
  • professionals and the local and wider community.
  • Support a culture of shared leadership – key people who motivate, sustain, challenge and empower others.
  • Support a process of continuous professional development

BAND offers mentor support to Bristol based settings undertaking The Bristol Standard for Play to assist settings in working through each of the ten dimensions, building their portfolio and making submissions. This is offered through 1:1 sessions at the setting and group support sessions held at the BAND offices.

ffi: contact Paul Dielhenn at BAND: 0117 954 2128.

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