The Dark den is portable sensory play area, which is part of BAND loan equipment which can be borrowed by BAND members for only a returnable deposit.


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Dark Den Kit Contents

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  • 1 x 5m White rope light (battery)
  • 1 x 5m Blue rope light (battery)
  • 1 x Light up foam wand
  • • 1 x Rain stick
  • 1 x Hand held prism projector
  • 1 x 13” LED glitter lamp (battery)
  • 2 x Jelly lights (mains)
  • 1 x Twilight Turtle (battery)
  • 1 x Blimp light (mains)
  • 1 x Tube of glow sticks
  • 1 x Chatback Roffle Mate (battery)
  • 1 x Colour change egg
  • 2 x Spikey alien monster
  • 2 x Spikey dinosaurs
  • 1 x Spikey turtle
  • 2 x Spikey fish
  • 2 x Spikey scorpions
  • 3 x Spikey batons
  • 3 x Flashing light up squidgy stars
  • 2 x Strobe balls
  • 2 x Going swing balls
  • 1 x LED blow tube (battery)
  • 1 x Boing magic light ball
  • 1 x Talking tin
  • 1 x Ear defenders
  • 1 x Water dancing speakers (mains)
  • 1 x Space projector (mains)


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Setting up the Dark Den Ideas


BAND are making a soft floor covering and tactile beanbags. For now, grab any cushions etc from the setting or whatever you choose.

Setting up the battery lights

There are 2 rope lights (blue and white) and 1 net light (white). Each have varying settings – twinkly, flashing, static etc. Hold the net light button down to turn it off. Lights look great in the see through plastic box provided or you can also hang them up using cable ties, wind round den poles etc. There is also some larger netting that can be hung up if wanted.

The Glitter lamp is also battery run and can be put anywhere in the den.

Setting up the mains powered resources : speakers, colour changing lights, space projector.

Consider where the plug or lead will be and where to position them, whether you want them out all the time or not.

You can use the Space projector to project onto a plain wall nearby, not necessarily in the den. The clear dial on the front will focus the image. If you use it in the den then keep it away from the outside covering as the projector case gets hot. Let kids know that it gets hot and not to touch it!  It works best on a plastic box or low table, and should not be used on the carpet. It can only be on for 6 hours in one go.

The colour lights and speakers remain cool. They could be put in the side of the den if chosen. You could vary the height of items by putting on plastic boxes etc.

Press on the top of the colour lights and they will pause on a colour. Plug the speaker cable into any headphone socket eg iphone, mp3.

Light up balls and toys

There is a selection of these, many flash so you need to be aware of children and adults with epilepsy and use appropriately. Bang them on the floor, squeeze them or find a button to operate them! Some change colour etc through different settings.

Echo bot and talking tin

Echo bot is the orange eye alien! Turn on and hold down the record button on the side to record short message. When the eye detects movement it front of it, the message will be played so it can catch you out. Echo bot can wind round the den poles as well so is highly flexible.

Kids can record onto the talking tin as well.