As a general grant making trust, the trustees are interested in and support a diverse range of charities in the following areas: community, education, health and social welfare.

The Trustees support capital projects only, not running costs. There is a preference to support projects related to the fabric of a building, rather than non-durable items subject to wear and tear such as furniture, appliances, musical instruments and IT.

Projects with a total budget of under £5,000 should not apply.

  • Applicants may suggest a preference for a grant amount (never less than £1,000), but this has no influence on the amount awarded.
  • Grants awarded are seldom more than 20% of the total requirement.
  • The majority of grants (roughly 80%) are under £5,000.
  • Grants of over £25,000 are exceptional and are typically awarded to major capital projects.
  • The Foundation will very rarely fund the full costs (or even 50%) of a project or shortfall as it expects to be one of a number of contributors to a project.
  • Grants are usually paid as single payments in a one year period but, if considered particularly beneficial to the project, they may be extended over three years.
  • Where grants are made, the projects are expected to be self-financing thereafter.

Applicants must be charities registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, with their beneficiaries based in these countries, or have accepted/exempt status. Applications are considered from all areas of England and Wales, particularly for rural and isolated communities.


How to apply: For more detailed information and how to apply, please visit the website at:

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