The Youth Music Programme is the name for Youth Music’s grant-making process.

Its main aim is to support music-making opportunities for children and young people in England and, in particular, for those in challenging circumstances.
The programme provides funding for organisations enabling them to transform the musical experiences of young people; encouraging their talent, building their confidence, and ensuring an effective and sustainable youth music sector which serves the evolving needs of young people.
Youth Music’s grants programme provides funding for music-making projects in England. It is made up of three separate funds:
Fund A offers small grants for high quality music-making projects and involves a simple application process.
Fund B offers medium-sized grants for larger programmes of work.
Fund C offers grants for strategic programmes to help embed sustainable, inclusive music-making across a local area.
Youth Music Programme main focus areas:

  • Early Years: Children aged 0-5 who face barriers to accessing music-making as a result of their circumstances or
    where they live.
    • Special educational needs and/or disabilities: Young people with special educational needs, disabilities (SEND) and/or additional needs as a result of poor health and wellbeing.
    • Not in education, employment or training: Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) or who are at risk of becoming NEET due to circumstances affecting their educational engagement.
    • Youth justice: Children and young people who have committed an offence or who are at risk of offending due to
    emotional or behavioural issues.
    • Coldspots: Projects for children and young people who face barriers to accessing diverse music-making opportunities as a direct result of where they live in England. This may be as a result of: socio-economic factors preventing participation, physical accessibility (e.g. in rural areas), low activity, low engagement or low investment in their area.

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