Bristol Redistro’s aim is to challenge inequality of wealth and power and to create positive alternatives. They give money to support the struggles, fights, campaigns and projects of groups and communities facing discrimination (due to their class, ability, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, age, immigration status or other factors) and who are working towards justice and equality.


To apply, your group must:

  • share Bristol Redistro’s aim of challenging inequality of wealth and power and creating positive alternatives. We are looking for projects that aim to change the beliefs, values and behaviours of people, communities and institutions.
  • be self-organised: we support groups that have been set up by a community to address an issue they’re facing – for example, Black and Brown people who have come together to challenge police racism and brutality.
  • be based within the boundaries of the City of Bristol.
  • be working on issues affecting local people.
  • be a non-profit community organisation. You don’t have to be formally registered as a charity, Community Interest Company etc. or have a constitution. You could be a newly-formed group of people who want to tackle an issue together.
  • have an annual income of less than £25,000. We’re looking for groups that struggle to get funding elsewhere, particularly if other funders might consider them to be too radical.
  • make decisions democratically and strive to be accessible and inclusive of people of different backgrounds and abilities.


There are no restrictions on what you use the funds for. Previously funded groups can apply again.