UPDATE:  During the current national situation, Burg-Wächter is offering free security kits for community properties, equipment or outdoor areas that need extra security at this time and have limited funds to meet these needs.
What does the Secure Communities Scheme offer?

Security products to the value of £150/€150 to help increase security around community buildings, equipment or outdoor areas
Up to ten security kits available within each application period (reviewed monthly)
Who can apply?

Any grassroots organisation that benefits the local community can apply.  Applications only have to meet simple criteria: that they are a community organisation with limited access to funds with which to increase security in the current situation.  That means any charity, social enterprise, not for profit and community venture can apply so long as the security kits will be used locally. 

What type of activity or project is relevant?
There are very few limitations, but the scheme prioritises grassroots organisations who have the most difficulty in meeting extra security costs due to the current situation. Any property, equipment or area that is the responsibility of the local community is relevant, including allotments, sports clubs, village halls, common land or community centres.
What type of security products are relevant?
Burg-Wächter is a leading company providing security products that keep people’s home, property, equipment and businesses safe and secure. The company provides safes, post boxes, locks, cables and chains, video surveillance, alarms and smart security solutions. Behind the company’s promise ‘Always the Safe Choice’ is a commitment to help protect what is important to people.  Besides physical security, being part of an active and thriving community is a vital factor in helping people feel safe and secure.  Encouraging and protecting such communities is the principle behind the Burg-Wächter Secure Communities Scheme.