First Give is an exciting new charity that challenges young people to use their talent, tenacity and time for social good in their local communities through a guided educational programme. Their vision is to create a new generation of switched on, skilled young people who want to give their time, talent and tenacity to support local charities and make the lives of others in and around their communities better.
The First Give educational programme targets Year 9 and 10s and inspires them to go out into their local communities, to find and research local charities that they feel need and deserve their support.

Participating in this programme will enable your school to win £1,000 for local charities through a competitive but fun year group competition. First Give works with secondary schools to deliver an engaging, challenging and life-changing programme that is completely free and slips easily within the school curriculum. Across your year group the programme supports:

  • Development of key professional skills such as research, team work and public speaking
  • Social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of learning within and beyond your curriculum
  • Strengthening of relationships between the school and its local community
  • Lifelong engagement of young people in ‘doing good’



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