The FFFC converts the funds it has gathered through sponsorship or donations etc., into grants which are determined and issued quarterly (usually in January, April, July. and September of each year). These small grants, (as funds allow), are awarded to those groups or charities who, in the view of the Trustees, are helping children in their community to achieve their best potential through counselling, healthcare, sport, social skilling or through other activities, or by providing equipment which will be of positive benefit to the children.
FFFC will consider applications from groups or charities who deal with the best interests of children in its many forms. The general rules we apply for consideration of applications are:
• At least 10 children will be helped by the issue of a grant.
• The applying group or charity is currently financially viable, or, if a new group or charity is being set up with the help of a grant, that their prospects for long term viability is good.
• That the applicant group or charity has its own bank account and good accountancy practice.
• That the applicant group is all-inclusive as far as race, religion and disablement are concerned.



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