Trustees meet 4 times a year. All applications should:

  • Be supported by a registered Charity number
  • Be in support of disadvantaged children aged below 13 years
  • Have supporting up to date financial accounts
  • Be in support of children and projects regardless of faith, sex or disability
  • Come from a charity that has been running for a minimum of one full year
  • Be for less than £5000 unless a compelling case can be put forward
  • Show real benefit for relieving hardship and suffering to beneficiaries
  • Not be for individual cases without compelling reasons
  • Be for equipment and services but generally NOT for salaries, wages and research
  • Demonstrate effective fund raising effectiveness by the applicant
  • Not be for books or publishing unless for compelling reasons
  • The applicants accounts must show a ratio of administration & overhead costs (including wages & salaries) to income of less than 30%
  • The applicants accounts must have unrestricted net assets of not more than £200,000 or of less than one year’s income
  • Should the applicant not provide a set of accounts by the time the applications are submitted to the committee for approval that application will be declined.
  • Applications are accepted from organisations based in the UK and Ireland but applications will also be considered from organisations around the world who have a UK based office.
  • Successful applicants cannot reapply for funding for 2 years. This in turn will allow the Toy Trust to distribute funds fairly given the large volume of applications we receive.

FFI or to apply online please visit:



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