United Way UK collaborates with businesses and community partners in the voluntary sector to achieve positive change in education, income stability and health.
Community Impact Grants
There are 3 Community Impact Grants of £10,000 each. These grants are aimed at increasing opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people. All proposed programmes should have a positive impact on educational attainment, including (but not limited to):

  • Programmes encouraging healthier early childhood development for disadvantaged children (ages 0-8) with a focus on school readiness & success, language acquisition, and nutrition.
  • The development of numeracy and literacy skills for disadvantaged children of all ages (up to age 18).
  • Increasing the employability of disadvantaged young people (ages 12-24) through the development of soft or hard skills outside of school.

Give Local Grants.
There are 28 Give Local Grants of £1,000 each. These grants are open to community based groups working in education, income stability and/or health.
Applicants should:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of local needs and solutions (within their geographic area).
  • Demonstrate the impact donors can have on causes local to their own homes/places of work.
  • Support the most disadvantaged or otherwise socially excluded.
  • United Way UK often develops long term relationships with its community partners. It therefore favours projects with the potential for scalability and/or replicability in other communities or regions.

For further details including eligibility requirements and downloadable application forms please visit:

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