Whether children are hearing about tragic events on the news or experiencing a distressing event in their own life, they will need adult support to help them to understand and react to it in their own way.

Staff may feel uncertain about how to discuss such things with children in their setting. This course is designed to increase your confidence in having these conversations. It will cover:

  • The importance of self awareness and understanding emotions
  • Why some children struggle to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings
  • The role of the supportive adult – how you can give reassurance to children and provide them with an invaluable sense of comfort and security.
  • Practical tips and ideas to encourage children to explore and express their feelings.

Links to the following Dimensions of the Bristol Standard:

  • D1 Values and Aims
  • D2 Relationships and Interactions
  • D3 Approaches to Play and Development
  • D6 Observation, planning and Record Keeping
  • D8 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • D9 Partnership with Parents and the Wider Community

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