BAND Fundraising Resources

Fundraising is an important part of life for many groups.
To help, BAND can provide practical advice and support to childcare providers on how to access various sources of funding.

You can download our free e-book “Funding Your Way” and to aid your search for funds, we have also compiled our large & detailed Funders Index with lots of useful & current  information.

We’re adding to the index all the time, we’ve recently added this from Persimmon Grants:

Persimmon Grants

Funders Index

Browse our main list, with  details about over 140 funders & grant giving bodies, large and small across the  UK. Some of the  groups make grants for specific & some for general requests.


Visit the Funders Index here

If you are interested particularly in sports  & outdoor activities, try our sports index:

Visit the index of sports funders

For those looking for help with IT related matters, we have our IT index:

Visit the index of IT funders

We also keep a list of  useful resources you  can access on-line, both with & without subscription:

Visit the list of online funding resources

As well as helping you find sources of funding, we have produced  this free fundraising e-book (68 pages) offering tips and guidance on developing and implementing fundraising strategies.

Funding Your Way – free e-book



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