BANDNews-Back Issues: Lockdown Procedure

Lockdown Procedure From JULY 17 Does your setting have a robust and tested Lockdown Procedure? We recommend all settings consider having a Lockdown Procedures as a sensible response to any external or…

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BANDNews-Back issues: Movement in Mind

BANDNews-Back issues: Movement in Mind From MAY 2017 In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of playing outside and being able to run around for children’s development. Further neuroscience…

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BANDNews-Back issues: Short Changed?

BANDNews-Back issues: Short Changed? From MAY 2017 A lthough the national minimum wage and living wage levels increased in April, research by the DfE in 2016 and more recently by the Family…

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Moon orbiting earth

Spaced Out!: Space activities for kids

  Looking for an activity theme over the next few months?  How about focusing on space to celebrate the European Space Agency’s (ESA) six month ‘Principia’ mission. The mission began in December…

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