BAND Course Booking Policy – NEW  from April 2018

Bristol City Councils’ Early Years & Childcare Service currently funds part of BAND’s training programme and to extend the range of courses offered, BAND also raises funds from charities and trusts.

This allows us to offer the majority of courses for free to most Bristol Based play and childcare workers in Ofsted registered settings & member groups. Details of course content can be found here.

  • We don’t accept bookings or requests to go on the waiting list for any courses that don’t have scheduled dates listed.
  • Bookings are only accepted on receipt of a completed booking form via email or by post. The booking form can be downloaded here.
  • We no longer require a deposit to book a place.
  • Places are limited to 2 people from a setting, so book early as our courses are very popular.
  • We don’t accept bookings or requests to go on the waiting list for any courses that don’t have scheduled dates listed.
  • If you have a place we will send a confirmation letter with directions to the address given on your booking form, no later than two weeks before the course.
  • If the course is full we will email to let you know straight away.

For further information on our course programme or to download a booking form click here.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

  • 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is required for all bookings.
  • For cancellations of less than 48 hours and no shows, we will charge a £50 cancellation fee. The setting will receive an invoice for this fee and won’t be able to book on or attend any further courses until the cancellation has been paid. Please note: This includes places that may have already been booked.

In-House Training

BAND may be able to offer an in-house training session for your staff team. Sessions can usually accommodate 12-15 people. For further details and prices please contact the training Department on 0117 954 2165 or email


BAND Level 2 in Play & Playwork

This course is an introduction to the key aspects of supporting play opportunities for children and young people 4 to 16 years in a variety of play settings. It provides an understanding of the importance of play in children & young people’s lives and increases knowledge of playwork practice and the role of a playworker. It includes sessions on play theory, health & safety and child protection.

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Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine – Breakfast, Snack & Teeth

A short course focusing on breakfast for a good start to the day, ideas for snacks and promoting dental health. Participants will learn about how to provide food so they are meeting current best practice guidelines, find out how to pledge to be Sugar Smart and gain information and guidance on how to promote good dental health practices to children and their families. There will by an opportunity prepare some of the dishes.

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6 Hour Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This course offers Emergency Paediatric First Aid training for those working with children and babies in accordance with guidelines issued by the DfES and is suitable for anyone working in a play or childcare setting. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance which will be valid for three years.

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Manual Handling

Our manual handling of children course is aimed at  staff whose role involves the handling of children. Our course programme employs a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of individual…

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Understanding Sensory Processing and Sensory Play

For staff supporting children over 5yrs who would like to learn about sensory processing and sensory play. The course includes an overview of the senses, exploring what sensory processing is plus intervention strategies that can be used with children in play. Settings will also be able to book a Playbus Sensory Truck visit to their setting for a practical sensory play session.

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Managing Medicine

Please Note: This course is unlikely to run again for another year, so this will be the last chance to get trained in Managing Medicine. This course is for staff who need…

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LGBT Visibility

Exploring family diversity in early years to ensure LGBT visibility This workshop focuses on the diverse nature of families and how important it is to make sure everyone is represented. As family…

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Gender Stereotyping

A positive sense of self not only safeguards children but also supports lifelong emotional health and wellbeing. Course content: How gender stereotyping impacts on children’s developing sense of self and others in…

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Healthy Sexual Development

A positive sense of self not only safeguards children but also supports lifelong emotional health and wellbeing. Course content: What is meant by healthy sexual development and how this can age appropriately…

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E-Safety Workshop

This is a workshop to raise awareness of how to deal with safety issues online. Course content: Identify a range of benefits & potential risks to children Identify a range of supervision…

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Action in Practice – Designated Safeguarding Person Training

A course for staff with the role of Designated Safeguarding person around the implementation of Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. It will increase knowledge around effective staff induction and how to manage and make effective referrals. The course also includes implementing a Staff Code of Conduct as well as how to manage allegations against staff / volunteers.

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Cooking for Children with Allergies

A course that includes adapting recipes for children with allergies to milk, egg, gluten, nuts or a combination of these whilst maintaining nutritional content of meals and snacks. Includes Food Standards Agency legislation, a cookery demonstration as well as the opportunity to cook a range of dishes.

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Craft Skills

A dynamic and fun day giving the opportunity to explore crafty activities for children and young people.

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Celebrating Cultures with Food

An interactive hands on opportunity to create a variety of delicious and easy to prepare dishes to celebrate festivals and cultures throughout the year, which can be included in menus for meals and snacks. This course includes information on how to use food to help to promote children’s understanding of the world, to communicate a sense of belonging and celebrate diversity. At the end of the session there is a shared lunch of all the recipes created.

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12 Hour Paediatric First Aid

This course offers Paediatric First Aid training for those working with children and babies in accordance with guidelines issued by the DfES and is suitable for anyone working in a play or childcare setting. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance which will be valid for three years.

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Arts & Crafts Activities

Craft Skills: “Great staff, all round brilliant!!”  “Really informative and fun!”   “Very welcoming and approachable. Things I’ve made to take home, helpful handouts.”  “Knowledge by all trainers excellent.”  “ Got to…

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Child Development

Creating Positive Behaviour: “Trainers were very knowledgeable and friendly.”  “Excellent advice and tips given in relation to behaviours demonstrated in my setting.”  “Trainers were encouraging of open discussion and I felt very…

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Creating Positive Behaviour in Children (Under 5’s)

A course for childcare staff working with pre-school aged children, which examines what is unacceptable behaviour and how to recognise children’s emotional needs. It includes practical strategies and ways to respond to behaviour issues as well as ways to re-engage children in play and developing positive behaviour in your setting generally.

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Developing Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others. It is appropriately direct, open and honest communication which is self-enhancing and expressive. Course content: Developing…

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Disability Equality in Play

This course involves: Reflecting on attitudes towards disability Developing an understanding of the Medical and Social models of disability Examining the meaning of inclusive play Examining the use of language Exploring how to…

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Domestic Abuse Awareness

A course exploring how domestic abuse can affect children’s well being and development and how to practically support parents and children affected. Participants will learn about the facts and figures around domestic abuse, including definitions, incidence and relevant legislation.

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 Makaton: “I will now be able to ensure that the child I support is signing correctly / accurately.”  “It was a fun and relaxing way to learn Makaton.”  “The interactive games / activities…

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EYFS Refresher Briefing Session – for group childcare

A session to support Bristol based play and early years settings to meet the requirements of the EYFS and brief providers about the Common Inspection Framework and changes to the EYFS. It will also support providers to meet the demands of the Ofsted inspection process. The session is for staff and management working in group childcare settings.

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Finance Training

A course that includes ensuring that manageable financial systems are in place; keeping clear and up to date financial records; developing appropriate monitoring systems and maintaining sustainable childcare provision.

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Fire Warden Training

A course for designated Fire Wardens or those responsible for coordinating staff evacuation during an emergency and first aid fire fighting. It covers, human behaviour responses in fire/emergency situations, the basic principles of fire safety and protection, means of escape and evacuation procedures as well as fire legislation and fire risk assessments.

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Food Hygiene

This half day certificated Basic Food Hygiene course covers personal hygiene, prevention of contamination, food poisoning awareness, time / temperature control of food and current food legislation.

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Makaton Foundation

This foundation course offers certificated training in the practical use of Makaton for Stages 1-4, with additional vocabulary for people working with children with learning difficulties. The aim is to provide communication opportunities for all.

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Management & Finance

Finance: “Demonstrated that finance can be straight forward, if one adopts a systematic approach.  Useful templates.”    Staff Supervision: “I felt I could trust the trainer’s advice and info given as they…

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Marketing and Publicity for Childcare and Play Settings

A course to learn about the role marketing and publicity has in improving sustainability of a childcare setting, where participants will identify the unique selling point of their individual setting and develop a simple and effective marketing strategy that can be used immediately.

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Paediatric First Aid for Working Outdoors

This course covers how to manage incidents such as an unconscious casualty, choking, bleeding, asthma and
anaphylaxis, burns and scalds, fractures, febrile convulsions, shock, anaphylactic shock, head, neck and back
injuries, poisoning, bites and stings, the effects of extreme heat and cold.

  • The recovery position and resuscitation.
  • Chronic medical conditions.
  • What should be in a First Aid kit.

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  • Play, Playwork & EYFS

    BAND Level 2 Play and Playwork: “Fabulous trainers with such a wealth of knowledge & experience that they’re happy to share.” Very comprehensive – everything provided.” “Great variety – kept the sessions…

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    Promoting Children’s Positive Body Image

    This course examines how children of all ages are affected by the media and their modern world; how body image is linked to children’s mental health and emotional well-being. It also looks at what kind of comments and activities are helpful and unhelpful.

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    Safeguarding and Welfare

    Child Protection: “I really appreciated attending a course in person as I’ve done an online course for another job and I didn’t find it very helpful as I couldn’t ask questions or…

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    Safer Recruitment

    To provide participants with a range of skills and knowledge to effectively recruit paid and unpaid staff in play/childcare settings, in line with current safeguarding legislation and equal opportunity practice

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    Staff Supervision

    A course exploring the importance of and Ofsted requirements for providing supervision where participants will identify a suitable supervision model for their setting, explore how to deal with difficult situations and improve staff performance and how to develop effective target setting for continuing staff development.

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    Supporting Children (0-5 Years) to Eat Well

    A course to develop knowledge of healthy eating for children aged 0-5 years and how to introduce this in the childcare setting. It includes an overview of welfare requirements for food and drink for babies 0-12 months and children between 1 and 5 years, ideas for foods to offer at snack time, how to include learning about food within each of the prime and specific areas in the revised EYFS and resources available to support you with promoting healthy eating.

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