Inclusive Aerial Workshops 2022…


BAND were excited to be back partnering with Nix Barnaville at Engage Circus this Summer, to provide Inclusive Trapeze Workshops for settings supporting children with SEND. We were able to fund longer full day workshops for settings with a high number of children attending, as well as half day sessions for smaller groups. Overall, 6 inclusive settings received a free workshop over the summer holidays, with 200 children, including 30 children with SEND, having the chance to try out a new experience.

Engage Circus bring along their own trapeze rig and this time focused on using silks to teach the children some circus skills.

The silks work well with children with SEND because it is softer than the trapeze bar and they lend themselves well to children being wrapped up in a cocoon, as well as to some great proprioception as the children have the chance for a swing as well!

“It was scary but I did it! And I didn’t fall!!”
“Going upside down was cool!”
“I love it!”
“I enjoyed being inside of the fabric and flipping up into it”

“The workshop adults were very good at tailoring to each groups needs and abilities and supporting the children to take calculated risks – giving them a confidence boost! The one to one session (with a child with SEND) was brilliant. The child had a go in the hammock swing and loved it! Definitely the child’s favourite part of the day!”

“The children planned their own circus show using the resources left for us. Thankyou for the gift!


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