Hardship Support: Funding in the form of small grants during times of financial hardship. Applications are made via approved referral partners and schools within our Breakfast Club network on behalf of eligible individuals. Please note we only accept hardship applications from schools in our Breakfast Club network and recognised social organisations such as charities registered with the Charity Commission, housing associations and social services acting on behalf of a family or individual in need.

Community Funding: Greggs Outlets are based all over the UK and are a key part of The Greggs Pledge to build stronger, healthier communities and reduce food waste.  By selling unsold, day-old food products at a reduced price, families on a tight budget can spend less while still having access to great quality food. Profits generated by Greggs Outlets are retained within the community through Greggs in the Community with a share of Outlet profits donated to local organisations. Community organisations close to a Greggs Outlet can apply for a grant of £20,000.


FFI: https://www.greggsfoundation.org.uk/grants



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