The main interests of the Trustees of the Hilden Charitable Fund are:

  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Community Based Initiatives for Young People Aged 16-25
  • Homelessness
  • Penal Affairs
  • Overseas Countries

Applications are rolling.

Hilden also provides a summer playschemes funding programme – which closes in May each year. Applications from organisations working with refugees and minority ethnic groups are given priority. Grants for the scheme rarely exceed £1,000. Applicants for this programme should download a Summer Playschemes Form from the website. Grants are rarely given to well funded national charities. Fund policy is directed largely at supporting work at a community level within the categories of interest stated above. The Hilden Summer Playscheme funding will only fund clubs with an income of less than £120,000. The main grants scheme will fund those with an income under £500,000.


How to apply: For Application Guidelines and an Application
Form go to:
or fax on 020 7603 1525 or by Email:

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