Modern web browsers have some features that help some people to use, including ways of changing the appearance of text, managing the colours and images and moving around within the website. Some browsers also include controls to help screen reading software interpret a website.

At the side of  all the pages on this website, apart from the home page, you can click the green links to re-size the text or view a high contrast version of the website. “Toggle Font Size” & ” Toggle Contrast”.


Internet Explorer – Microsoft Windows only

Controls for adjusting accessibility options:

Microsoft edge (Windows 10) – Microsoft Windows only

Microsoft’s new browser promises much in the future but is currently a work in progress:

Google Chrome – Microsoft Windows, IOS & Android

Google’s browser has some inbuilt features and some ‘extensions’ that can modify the appearance of pages to make them more readable:

Mozilla FireFox – Microsoft Windows, IOS & Android

Controls for adjusting accessibility options:

Opera– Microsoft Windows, Linux & Android

Controls for adjusting text:

Navigation controls:

Safari  – IOS