A positive sense of self not only safeguards children but also supports lifelong emotional health and wellbeing.

Course content:

• How gender stereotyping impacts children’s developing sense of self and others.

• The effects on aspiration and attainment.

• The links with inequality, prejudice and poor mental health.

• Strategies to create a fully inclusive environment that challenges stereotyping, celebrates difference and encourages all children to be themselves.


Links to the following Dimensions of the Bristol Standard:

  • D1 Values and Aims
  • D2 Relationships and Interactions
  • D3 Approaches to Play and Development
  • D4 Physical Environment
  • D5 Play Experiences
  • D6 Observation, planning and Record Keeping
  • D7 Staffing, Leadership and Management
  • D8 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • D9 Partnership with Parents and the Wider Community
  • D10 Monitoring and Evaluation.

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