A positive sense of self not only safeguards children but also supports lifelong emotional health and wellbeing.
Course content:

  • What is meant by healthy sexual development and how it can be supported in early years.
  • Key concepts such as consent and the right to bodily autonomy for young children.
  • Protective behaviours that can be established from an early age, helping children speak out and stay safe.
  • How certain behaviours in children under 5 may indicate safeguarding concerns around child sexual abuse
  • Approaches meet EYFS, safeguarding and equality duties.Links to the following Dimensions of the Bristol Standard


D1 Values and Aims
D2 Relationships and Interactions
D3 Approaches to Play and Development
D4 Physical Environment
D5 Play Experiences
D6 Observation, planning and Record Keeping
D7 Staffing, Leadership and Management
D8 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
D9 Partnership with Parents and the Wider Community
D10 Monitoring and Evaluation.

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